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  • Company
    With 25 years combined experience - and a year-on-year growth of close-to 100% - Mills International Trading is more than a few steps ahead of the competition. We're proud to be one of Australia's fastest-growing import export companies, with operations in the UK and Asia Pacific region, and offices strategically placed around the globe to cater to clients with international interests and provide quality local service when and where it's needed.

    We believe our success is based on a number of key factors. Our extensive national and international networks allow us to provide high-level service right across the global spectrum. We're connected, responsive and quick to embrace new technologies; we use the latest advances to deliver innovative, demand-driven products, and our customers value our streamlined approach. Perhaps most importantly, we have strong partnerships and alliances. As a result, we're able to deliver a stable, lower-cost product that meets customer expectations - and that's something our competitors find very difficult to beat.

  • Growth
    At Mills International Trading we're focused on constantly improving and growing our business. We couple advanced online technology with best business practices to achieve rapid growth and outstrip the competition.